CHESS Capital Campaign
Reimagine Our Future

About the Building


As a result of continued growth, CHESS has relocated to the building that formerly housed Ridgeville Christian School. Ridgeville is a now-abandoned school that was originally built in 1972. It served students for 30+ years; however, it was impacted by the recession and closed in 2007.

Our vision is to restore it to its original purpose, which will first involve remediation of issues caused by lack of maintenance, and consequent water damage. Our plans for the interior largely involve gutting the space, and reconstructing an atmosphere that fosters learning and community. As of July 2019, we have completed the remediation process and are now working to rebuild and repair the systems required for school to begin in August.

Below are pictures of what the campus looked like when occupied by Ridgeville Christian and renderings of what it can become as we continue through the capital campaign process.

Outdoor Classrooms

Interior Commons Area


Athletic Fields

908 East Lower Springboro Road, Springboro, Ohio

The following pictures were taken when the building was occupied by a previous school.