CHESS Capital Campaign
Reimagine Our Future

CHESS Capital Campaign

Reimagine Our Future



We have 3 areas of need that we wanted to bring to your attention so that you can be praying about how you can continue to contribute to this project with time, money and talents.

First, when we received occupancy to start the school year, there was one big exclusion to our ability to use the building.  Because the lower level still did not have ceilings, flooring or safety/fire lighting, we were excluded from using that portion of the building, including the multi-purpose room (MPR).  The MPR was an important part of our use plan as it would serve as the lunchroom and host chapel, activities and events. Without the MPR, we either had to use the gym and risk damaging the floor or be outside which will become more difficult…if it ever cools down.

A CHESS family stepped forward and provided skilled labor and materials at cost in order to complete the work in the lower level and we now have occupancy and can utilize our building to its fullest potential.  Unfortunately, even with the generosity of this family, we have incurred significant costs to complete this project and we’re now in need of $20,000 to pay the remainder of the invoices associated with the build.

Second, we’ve known since the beginning of the project that several small leaks in the roof exist that need to be sealed.  As other, more mission-critical, projects came up during our initial rehabilitation of the facility, the roofing problem continued to take a backseat.  We’ve been fortunate in the last month to have very little rain but know that as summer eventually turns to fall and winter, we need to seal the leaks in order to protect the significant investment we’ve made inside the building from water damage as the rain and snow starts to fall.  We’re fortunate to only need small repairs and not a full roof replacement but are still faced with a cost of $5,000 to make the repairs happen.

Finally, in the same manner that we need to repair the roof to protect the building, we need to start working towards replacing the brown wood siding on the southeast wing of the building that houses the gym and elective classrooms.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed, in most places it is weathered and warping and in many places its actually rotting.  This siding is important in protecting the building from outside elements such as water, insects and animals.  Our contractor has strongly recommended replacing the siding as soon as possible and has estimated the cost of the project at $50,000

Our immediate priorities are repairing the roof and meeting our obligations for the lower level build out but we wanted to make you aware of the pending siding replacement so that you may prayerfully consider how to best continue to support CHESS with your time, money and talents. 

Campaign Background

CHESS Christian School, established in 2014 as a hybrid Christian school, recently relocated to the former home of Ridgeville Christian School located on Lower Springboro Road in Springboro, OH.

The move is a response to the steady growth CHESS has experienced as families desire alternative educational options. Parents recognize the need for change in education as students prepare for the 21st century marketplace. The hybrid model of education develops strong self-regulation and organizational skills that equip students to be strong community contributors.

After receiving accreditation in 2016, CHESS received private school designation from the Ohio Department of Education. Since this time, the school's enrollment has since increased by 25%, leading to the need for a larger footprint to accommodate continued growth. CHESS Christian School plans to begin the 2019-20 school year in their newly renovated building.


The former Ridgeville Christian School was started in the early 1970’s and was closed in 2006. It was a church-owned school with enrollment fluctuating from 200 - 700 students over the course of its existence. The original school building was expanded upon multiple times. Starting with 4 offices and 9 classrooms, the first expansion added 11 more classrooms and a large gymnasium. The final expansion in 2000 added more offices, 13 additional classrooms and another gymnasium.